A Sinus Lift (Sinus Floor Elevation) is a procedure whereby we raise the sinus floor and add bone and grafting material to give us more vertical bone height for implant placement.

Reasons for a sinus lift

A key aspect of successful implant placement is the quality and quantity of bone available to place the implant. The upper (maxilla) jaw, towards the rear, is notoriously difficult to place implants due to the lack of bone height beneath the sinus. By increasing the bone height beneath the sinus we are creating the height we require to achieve a successful implant placement.


Sinus lifts are either minor (transcrestal) or major (lateral) and can be done in the chair under local anaesthetic or IV sedation or at SouthBank Day Surgery under GA. A flap is raised to expose the bone towards the rear of the mouth and a small “window” is made in the bone for access. The sinus floor is gently lifted and the space underneath filled with bone and grafting material. Finally, the incision is resealed with sutures and healing begins. 

This might be indicated prior to implant placement or simultaneous with the implant placement.