Bone grafts can be merely particulate synthetic bone grafts along with membranes which can have animal (Xenografts) or human cadaver (Allografts) or purely synthetic origin. These procedures are generally categorised under the term Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR). In clinical scenarios in which a larger volume of bone is needed, native bone of patient is needed to be harvested in the form of chips or blocks. This is referred as autogenous bone which is easily harvested from intra-oral sources.

Bone Grafting is a range of surgical procedures with the purpose of stimulating the patient’s bone to start regrowth. This procedure has been used for a long period of time, though today’s procedures and equipment are highly evolved and help to cultivate an environment for re-growth to occur.

Some patients may need to first undergo bone grafting procedures to make suitable room for the placement of a dental implant or implants, whereas some others may be in need of a bone grafting procedure simultaneous with implant placement.